Our Vision

The Pier

Learning Dynamics, Inc. will be a premiere choice for psychological, educational, and social services for English and Spanish speaking individuals in the Greater Los Angeles area.  By uniting staff, clients, and community resources we will inspire and assist clients in achieving personal wholeness while meeting the challenge of excellence in an ever-changing society.

Our Approach

We believe that “well-being” looks different for each person. Our approach is to collaborate with our clients in rediscovering their strengths, and assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves that cultivates new ways of engaging in meaningful and satisfying relationships. We utilize culturally-responsive, evidenced-based techniques to meet the unique needs of each client.

Give A Little


Our ability to provide quality care to the community is significantly dependent upon the assistance we receive. There are many people that need, and can, benefit from our services. Please consider making a financial contribution or selecting “Support Us” on the main menu to find ways you can help.

Our Story

As a graduate student, Dr. Nicole Brown served as a trainee in multiple settings including community health centers, hospitals, and private practice. While working with “haves” and the “have nots” she found one thing that remained consistent – her own family would likely be unable to receive services in many of these settings. Her family would either over-qualify (make too much money to get reduced fees) or the prices for service were so high that she would have to forgo paying an bill, or take out a loan to afford the service. In many ways, she felt that the process of getting help to reduce stress, actually added to it. Nationally, the increase in economic challenges have brought about increased family and relationship distress. Dr. Brown believed that while stress is universal, an individual’s therapeutic interventions should be customized in a manner that holds the client’s personal experiences in high regard. She believed in the benefits of... 

Latest Blog Posts

Encouragement for Parents: When Starting the School Year is a Challenge

My son started kindergarten this fall and I wish I could say that it was a pleasant lovely beginning filled with boxes of crayons, glitter glue, scissors, and books. Instead, it was hard. In response to this challenging time, I want to offer a note of encouragement to others who may have found that back to school was filled with meetings with administrators, teachers and/or nurses. You are not alone. In every district, in every school, families have to negotiate safe and quality educational... 


Starbucks: Give $5, Get $5 and Support Our Cause

Starbucks has introduced an #amazing new way to send e-Gift Cards using Twitter. Visa and Starbucks are currently offering a great promotion.  We want to tell you about it, and ask you to take this opportunity to support our work. The first 100,000 customers that tweet a $5 Starbucks e-Gift Card via Twitter using their Visa get their own $5 e-Gift Card. Whether it is a gift for guest speakers, a treat for our volunteers, or offering coffee to guests at a community event; at Learning Dynamics...